This page contains information about the Roseville High School Cheer program, expectations of cheerleaders, academic requirements and eligibility, attendence, and potential disiplinary actions.


Mission Statement 

Roseville High School’s cheer program offers a unique opportunity for personal growth, leadership, and involvement in diverse activities. Our cheerleaders are committed to the highest level of performance, self-discipline, respect for the school, and the performance of responsibilities related to the pursuit of school spirit and pride. Roseville High School cheerleaders demonstrate a proven ability to balance academic requirements and demands with extracurricular and personal activities.


Being the most visible and most recognizable representative of our school, Roseville Cheer is in a position of great influence; therefore high standards of conduct are essential. Positive personal behavior and squad cohesiveness demonstrates these standards. Appropriate behavior will help to earn the respect of the student body, which is the core to developing effective school spirit and student involvement.


The coaches work in conjunction with the Roseville High School Athletic Department to enrich the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of all students by providing competitive opportunities in which the lifelong values of sportsmanship, individual effort, teamwork, integrity, and commitment are emphasized.

Expectations and Eligibility

* Program Expectations *


  • Participation in all school functions/spirit days.
  • To be a dedicated and motivated member of a team. (On and off the field.)
  • To carry oneself with high personal standards of respect and always treat teammates, coaches, teachers, and others with the same level of respect.
  • Any disrespect or defiance shown toward rules or to teachers, coaches, administrators, or school officials which results in the action of a disciplinary referral may result in dismissal from the squad.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct or disrespectful conduct toward other teams will not be tolerated and may result in immediate dismissal from the squad. Physical violence toward someone else will result in DISMISSAL from the squad NO MATTER who started the altercation. Suspension from school for any reason is grounds for immediate dismissal from the squad.
  • Foul language, fighting, gossiping, and other forms of rudeness will NOT be tolerated.
  • Excessive public displays of affection (PDA) are NEVER considered appropriate, especially in uniform/spirit wear, at games or at school. Remember: you are school representatives at all times. You represent not only yourself, but also those who support the program. Violation of any of these guidelines will result in disciplinary action.
  • There will be NO tolerance in terms of the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco on or off campus and it is grounds for removal from the team. Students suspected of possessing, using, sharing, or selling/purchasing an illegal abuse can be suspended pending investigation of the matter. The infractions listed above will result in a minimum 5 day suspension from RHS and will follow the consequences stated in the RHS Athletic Handbook - Illegal Substance Protocol. 
  • Internet behavior will be monitored. Inappropriate photos, comments, etc. will not be tolerated. This includes bullying and/or foul language on social media and inappropriate images suggesting involvement with drugs, tobacco, or alcohol. RHS Admin and School Athletic Guidelines for consequences will be followed.
  • Cooperation and teamwork are imperative in building a great team. Squad problems and conflicts should be discussed only with the coaches, not with people outside the squad.
  • The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited for the duration of cheer practices, games, cheer performances, or any cheer-related event unless given permission by coaches. 
  • If a cheerleader quits the team, she/he will not be able to tryout the following school year.


* Grades and Athletic Eligibility * 


  • Team members are in a leadership role as they wear uniforms to school and lead the crowd each week at football and basketball games. Cheerleaders must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA from the day of tryouts and through the school year in order to be eligible to participate in tryouts, football/basketball games, halftime routines, and any performances on/off school grounds.
  • If a cheerleader falls below the minimum 2.0 GPA at the end of a grading period, the he/she will be placed on probation. During the probation period:
    • Cheerleaders must attend ALL activities and practices but will be unable to participate.
    • Cheerleaders may not wear any piece of the RHS uniform.
  • Athletic clearance forms and physical exams must be completed at the school-provided physical or by your own physician prior to participating in any summer practice. All RHS Athletic Handbook policies will be followed.
  • According to the Roseville High School attendance policy, students must attend school for the full, regular school day to be eligible to attend practice or participate in a game/rally that day. Any cheerleader leaving school early or checking in late MUST check in with the athletic office as well as the attendance office. If you miss school due to a court appearance, funeral, or medical appointment, you may still be eligible to participate but ONLY if you have been cleared by the athletic office.



* Football and Basketball Season Expectations* 


ALL GAMES ARE MANDATORY. The ONLY excused absences will be for illness/death in the family (see Absence Policy below).

  • All athletes MUST attend the FULL school day (7:45am-2:40pm) to be eligible to participate in the game. 
  • Arrive on time, in uniform, ready to cheer (hair and make-up done, no food). Stay with the team in assigned area.
  • Demonstrate positive sportsmanship at all times.
  • There will be NO snack bar breaks during your game. Please bring any healthy snacks you will need with you.
  • Lower levels may be required to stay in uniform for the first quarter of the next game.
  • Coaching staff reserves the right to move a lower level squad member to the Varsity level for performance purposes or to a permanent position at any time during the season. These decisions are not made lightly and will be made with the team’s best interest in mind.


* Risk and Safety * 

Stunting and tumbling, by their very nature, pose some inherent risk of a participant being injured. These injuries could include but are not limited to the following: sprains/strains, abrasions, unconsciousness, head injuries, fractured bones, dental injuries, and paralysis. 

If selected to the squad, EVERY member must follow safety guidelines taught to them by instructors and coaches. A concussion screening provided by RHS will be completed on every participant at the beginning of the season. An additional screening will be provided if a participant suffers any type of head trauma or concussion-like symptoms during the season to compare to their baseline screening. 

All of our coaching staff is AACCA Spirit Safety certified, NFHS Concussion Awareness certified, NFHS Sudden Cardiac Arrest certified, and CPR/AED/FA certified. Roseville Cheer has an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for a variety of medical or emergency scenarios that may occur at practices or events during the season. Our EAP is reviewed by coaching staff every three months.


* Practice Guidelines *


  • You are to arrive 5 minutes prior to practice time in designated spirit wear, hair in a ponytail with no bangs, bow, and immediately begin warming up and stretching.
  • For safety reasons, coaches will designate practice areas. Appropriate mats will be used for mastering stunting and tumbling techniques.
  • All stunts and tumbling must be practiced under the supervision of the coaches and never in the absence of such supervision. In addition, safety guidelines set forth by the NFHS and AACCA will be followed.
  • Be aware that the tumbling and stunting performed may reach an advanced level, but will in no way be permitted at games unless mastered in practice.
  • Taking part in a stunt without the coach’s approval or presence is prohibited. If a student stunts outside of practice, they are violating policy and therefore release the coaches, administrators, school, and district from any responsibility of injuries. Violation of any of these guidelines will result in disciplinary action.
  • Roseville Cheer practices are CLOSED SESSIONS and cannot be attended by parents, family, or friends without consent of advisor or coaches.
  • ALL practices are MANDATORY. The ONLY excused absences will be for illness/court appearance/funeral (see Absence Policy below).
  • Focus on cheer– give 110% to your team, your coach, and yourself! Leave social distractions out of the gym.
  • Respect yourself, family, team/program, coach, school, and community.
  • Practice Attire: Spirit wear from Cheer Camp; RHS T-shirt; orange, black or gray “cheer” shorts (Spandex/briefs recommended under shorts).
  • No spaghetti strap tank tops (RHS dress code).
  • Cheerleaders must wear no-show socks and cheer shoes. Cheer shoes should be worn ONLY to cheer, NOT FOR P.E. Vans, Converse, Toms, Uggs, slippers, and flip flops are unacceptable at anytime during practice or game days. If you show up without the correct shoes on at practice, you will be asked to leave the practice/game which will therefore count as an unexcused absence.
  • Your cheer shows should be worn ONLY to Cheer-related activities. Not for P.E!!
  • NO JEWELRY….NO EXCEPTIONS. You WILL have to remove it. Any current piercings must be removable. Now is NOT the time for a new piercing.
  • Keep nails short for safety purposes. Coaches can/will determine appropriate length and alter if necessary.
  • Cheerleaders should come prepared to participate at every practice unless they possess a doctor’s note and have cleared this with the coach before practice begins. You must still attend practice dressed in the proper attire. 
  • When a practice is missed it is the responsibility of the cheerleader to find out what was missed and make it up before the next scheduled practice begins.

* Game Attire *


At every game or rally, all cheerleaders are required to follow the Game Attire guidelines. Any coach-approved deviation (such as wearing hair down) will be communicated in advance and will be noted on the Calendar page for that specific event.

  • Cheer uniform including white no-show cheer socks and clean cheer shoes.
  • Wear hair pulled back, with appropriate bow (no “side bangs” hanging down). 
  • Wear simple make-up.
  • Keep nails short for safety purposes. Coaches can/will determine appropriate lengths and later if necessary. 
  • Only clear or sheer pink nail polish or a French manicure with uniform, including to school on game days. Coaches will remove inappropriate polish.
  • Jewelry is okay to wear to school but must be removed at game time (includes belly button & nose rings). No dangling earings, hoops or earrings larger than a dime permitted.
  • Please wear the appropriate bra with your uniform. Inappropriate or incomplete attire will result in disciplinary action (i.e., benched for a quarter or until attire is appropriate or complete). Always bring EVERYTHING (liners, bows, sweatshirt, warm-ups…) to each game, just in case.
  • Piercing: DO NOT get a new piercing during the season. You WILL have to remove it. Any current piercing must be removable during participation
  • Tattoos: No visible tattoos. No new tattoos or piercings during the Cheer season. 
  • NO BUS: We rely on parents to transport cheerleaders to most events. Roseville Cheer staff cannot be involved in the organization/implementation of transportation plans.
  • Ride sharing is strongly encouraged. Please make arrangements for prompt post game/practice transportation. Coaches and staff are not allowed to arrange carpool or ride shares.
  • Arrival time is usually 60 minutes before game time (determined by coach).
  • Injured Students: Official notification of injury and clearance to participate from the doctor must be given in written form to the advisor/coach BEFORE full program participation is allowed. It is still your responsibility to be present at all games and other required events and to sit by the coach AT ALL TIMES. You must be fully dressed and present.
  • All uniforms and accessories should be cleaned after each game. Please refer to guidelines provided by Varsity for cleaning your uniform. Squad members may not be allowed to perform if uniform is not clean and in good condition. Each person is responsible for making appropriate repairs if necessary.
  • No part of your cheer uniform should be loaned out or worn to a non-cheer event. This includes warm-ups, sweatshirts, T-shirts, etc… Cheerleaders should not rely on fellow teammates to supply uniform, clothes or accessories for cheer. Please keep track of your ENTIRE cheer wardrobe!!!

Absence Policy

* Attendance *


All practices, games, rallies and scheduled community events are MANDATORY. Each person is responsible for being informed of the dates and times of all cheer events.


* Excused Absences *


  1. Funeral attendance or death in the family.
  2. Special activity or field trip at Roseville High School (please have this approved by the coach at least 1 week in advance).
    Religious holiday (please meet with the coach individually to include these on her calendar).
  3. Immediate family functions such as weddings or other one-time events.
  4. A cheerleader who misses more than a ½ day of school may not participate in a practice. If able, you may attend and watch. A cheerleader who does not attend classes cannot participate in practice but is expected to attend if able. All other activities and appointments should be scheduled around cheerleading commitments– including medical appointments when at all possible. If no fever or vomiting is present, come to practice to watch. You learn new parts of the routine just by being present.


All other absences are “unexcused."

It is at the discretion of the coach to decide if an absence should be excused.


* Unexcused Absences *


Anything not specifically listed as an Excused Absense is considered unexcused. Cheerleaders are allowed one unexcused absence per season.


If you are unable to attend a practice/event, you must contact the coach one week in advance. Failure to do so may result in suspension.


  1. Any non-emergency absence where a cheerleader misses thirty (30) minutes or more of a practice or mandatory event that has not been previously cleared with the coach.
  2. Appointments, doctors, dentists, family business or work should be scheduled around mandatory cheer events. Missing cheer for such items under non-emergency circumstances results in an unexcused absence.
  3. Ineligibility due to GPA requirements or parental discipline are not considered excused absences.


Disciplinary Procedures

* Missed Practices or Games *


Failure to attend practice for any reason (excused or unexcused), can result in ineligibility to participate in a half-time performance, rally performance, or other choreographed routine.

  • Missing the scheduled practice before a performance will result in the cheerleader being removed from that performance.
  • Missing the scheduled practice at which performance material is taught may result in the cheerleader being removed from that performance.
  • Missing a game/rally/or similar event will result in the cheerleader being suspended from participation.

In addition, you may be removed from a performance if the following take place:
1. Excessive tardiness to practice or games; which means being 5 or more minutes late, more than three (3) times during the year.
2.  One unexcused absence from a game or practice.




* Suspension *


Cheerleaders who cannot follow the above guidelines will be suspended from participation.

  • Second unexcused absence in one season = 1 game
  • Third unexcused absence in same season = parent conference, contract, and 2 game suspension
  • Fourth = Dismissal



* Grievances *


The coaching staff is always open to discuss any issues that arise, however there is an appropriate time and place to do so. Please approach your coach before or after practice to arrange a time (outside of practice, games, etc.) to discuss any problem that might arise.

Email is also an easy way to reach a coach if another time is not available. Email addresses are available on the Contact page. In order to be successful, everyone must work as a team - and no one wants that more than your coach.

* Step 1: Coach and athlete, or advisor and athlete

* Step 2: Coach and/or advisor, athlete, and parent

* Step 3: Coach and/or advisor, athlete, parent, and administrator