Cheer Sisters

Cheer is the ultimate team sport. There is no benchwarmer and there is no star quarterback. Every cheerleader is important and having a cheer sister is your opportunity to remind someone how important they are to the team. Your cheer sister will be someone you always feel you can go to for support.

The relationship you develop with your cheer sister will be as unique as the two of you. But when you really click with your cheer sister that is a relationship you will cherish long after high school ends.

Varsity cheerleaders, 1996-1997 season. Courtesy of  Jana Slavik, class of 1997.

Big Sisters

Generally, Varsity cheerleaders are assigned a JV “Little Sister.” 

Being a Big Sister is a big responsibility. You provide guidance and support to your Little Sister. You mentor your Little Sister and help her throughout the season. 

The Big Sister makes sure the Little Sister feels welcomed to the squad and understands what is expected of her within the squad.

Often a Little Sister is new to high school and may want guidance with school. Did you have the same teacher she has this year? This is your chance to share with her the tips and tricks it took you all year to figure out so that she hits the ground running.

Little Sisters

Having a Big Sister is your opportunity to have a go-to person for any question you have – from what do I wear at practice to how should I wear my hair to school on Fridays. Asking for guidance from your Big Sister will help her feel important and knowledgeable.

Having a Big Sister is your chance to learn from someone who has "been there, done that" with the squad and at school. 

Being someone's Little Sister means you respect the advice and guidance they give to you over the course of the season. 

Varsity cheerleaders, 2011-2012 season. Courtesy of Dakota Bonnar, class of 2012.

So What Do Sisters Do?

What you and your cheer sister do is entirely up to you. But, in general, cheer sisters mark important events by exchanging small gifts or tokens. Read below for what cheer sisters have done in that past.

For me, the best part of cheer sisters was exchanging letters! I still have mine from Freshman year and occasionally look at them for encouragement.” – Ariel Starr, class of 2015

I just found all of my letters recently and they brought back so many happy memories and made me smile. Exchanging letters is definitely a good thing to do.” – Bonnie McIlwain, class of 2012

I had the best cheer sister ever! She always gave me a little something before a big game, on the first day of school, and let me hang out with the upper classmen. It helped my transition into high school. Such great memories!” – Jana Slavik, class of 1997