Competition Squad

The Competition Squad is composed of select members of the JV and Varsity squads. Separate tryouts for the Comp squad are held during the summer, after the JV and Varsity squads (Sideline) have returned from UCA Cheer Camp. 

Commitment to the Comp squad is in addition to your existing responsibilities on Sideline.

* 2019-2020 Comp Squad *
Information and upcoming Competition dates:

Return the Competition Squad Flyer to practice by September 27th. 


* 2016 National Champions! *

The 2015-2016 Competition Squad earned 1st Place at the JAMZ National Cheer Competition in Las Vegas!

* 2015 National Champions! *

The 2014-2015 Competition Squad earned 1st Place at the JAMZ National Cheer Competition in Las Vegas!

2014 Second Place National Champions

The 2013-2014 Competition Squad earned 2nd Place at the National Cheer Competition in Las Vegas!

Tryout Information

Competitive cheerleaders wanted to get back our


Printable pre-tryout packet

Roseville Cheer will not be holding tryouts for the 2018-2019 competition team, all current Unity members are accepted. The mission of this team is to represent Roseville High School in competitions throughout Northern California.  

Team members will be responsible for all costs associated with the season, including but not limited to: uniform, competition fees, and travel expenses. We will be fundraising to cover these expenses. You must participate in the fundraisers to receive a portion of the monies raised.

 Team members understand Comp requires additional practices, usually after unity practice and typically weekend competitions. Families must understand the additional commitment and know there will be mandatory practices leading up to every competition. 


Competition Schedule: TBD

Coaches reserve the right to make changes to the line-up depending on the team's ability and growth throughout the season.

Tryout Details:

No Comp Team Tryout 2018 -2019

Tryout criteria:

We are thrilled there has already been interest in a Competition Team!  We are fighting to get the National Championship  title back and have high expectations for our athletes! 
You will get out of this as much as you put into it. We can't wait to see what we will do this season!

Upcoming Dates

Sept. 27 - Interested in joining the Competition Squad? Return the Flyer to practice by Thursday Sept 27.


Oct. 20 - Stockton, Ca

Nov. 9 - Northern, CA

Dec. 7- San Francisco, CA

Feb. 21, 22 - Las Vegas, NV