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Roseville Cheer Communication

Roseville Cheer involves more than 50 cheerleaders, coaches, and support staff. In order to provide accurate, consistent communication among the squad and their families, the Calendar on this website is the official source for what to wear, where to be, when to arrive somewhere, etc.

It is up to each cheerleader to check the website everyday. Get in a routine of doing this right after school. Everything is on the Calendar.

Last Minute Changes


Updates are made as far in advance as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes information is available only at the very last minute. Every effort will be made to communicate changes rapidly and accurately. 


When possible, changes and reminders will also be posted on Facebook (Closed group for parents "Roseville High School Cheer Squad 2018-2019").   Cheerleaders should also make sure their squad captain has their cell phone number for texts.

Communication Structure

Currently Leslie Hoy and Shauna Rogers send out cheer emails to parents. The fastest response to a quick question is to usually contact one of them via email. 

The coach has her own email (see Contact Information panel to the right) for issues or concerns. But between full-time jobs and coaching the squad, it may take a few hours to receive a reply.

Website, calendar, and social media updates are made by Sara Porter and Shauna Rogers

On campus, our contact people are Mr. Wilson, VP of athletics, and Athletic Director Emily Dodds. All handouts, including the new cheer Handbook, are run through Mr. Wilson prior to distribution. Cheer gets all of its direction directly from Mr. Wilson and he is informed of everything that goes on, including uniform issues, behavior issues, grades, etc. 


If you have a question or concern we ask that you: 

1. Contact either the coach to see if the question can be answered or the problem resolved, then 

2. If you cannot come to an amicable resolution, proceed to Mr. Wilson for further information. If you contact Mr. Wilson first, he will ask if you spoke with the coach, if your answer is "no" he will want to know why. 


Archived Roseville Cheer website. Inactive as of May 12, 2014.

Contact Information

Coach: Shauna Rogers

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