Fundraising is an important part of the cheer program. During the year, Roseville Cheer incurs costs for things like music, goodies to toss out at games, poster supplies during Homecoming, etc. Fundraising helps pay for these items. 

Roseville Cheer traditionally participates in several fundraising opportunities throughout the year, including car washes, gift wrapping at Barnes & Noble, and sales. 

River Cats 2016

When: TBD (August likely)

Where: Raley Field, West Sacramento

Ticket Price: TBD (last year was $19)

Due: TBD

Checks payable to "River Cats"

Roseville Cheer has a great relationship with the Sacramento River Cats. They are providing discounted tickets for Cheer to sell to family and friends. These tickets are a better deal than they can buy on the River Cats' website! A portion of each ticket price will go back to the squad. 

Unity will perform before the game on DATE TBD

Plan to arrive at TBD. The meeting location at Raley Field will be announced prior to the event. 

This is a mandatory event. Each cheerleader will need to purchase a ticket.

A River Cats game is a fun, family-friendly event. 

Turn in the order form and payment at practice on TBD. Checks should be made payable to "River Cats."

Print and sign the waiver. Turn it in at practice before the River Cats performance.


Chocolate (and Yogurt and Peanut Butter) Covered Pretzels

All orders and payments due: 5/10/16

Checks payable to "RHS Boosters."

Send emails and post on social media! Tell your friends and family that you are selling pretzels to help your squad go to cheer camp. They can't buy your pretzels if they don't know you're selling it!

Plus, earn lots of goodies and prizes for the top seller!


2016 Team Totals

Freshmen: TBD

Sophomores: TBD

Juniors: TBD

Seniors: TBD

Top Seller: TBD

Honorable Mentions:

Great job to everyone!


Sell 20 boxes
Your camp fee is reduced by $100!

Sell 30 boxes
Choose one roommate at Camp!

Sell 40 boxes
Get an additional $100 off Camp!

* Pizza and Poms *

Order a Round Table pizza for dinner on Tuesday, May 27, 2014, and tell them you're with Roseville Cheer. A portion of your purchase will go back to the squad.

This is not a mandatory fundraiser.

Cookie dough fundraiser orders (and payments) will be turned in to Coach Gretchen and Sue that evening at Round Table on Pleasant Grove between 6pm and 8pm. 

Use the flyer on the Forms page to print copies to hand out to your friends, family, and neighbors.

Upcoming Fundraisers

More information will be available as each fundraiser gets closer.


Usually two during the summer. All cheerleaders will be assigned times to show up to wash cars. You are encouraged to make posters to bring cars into the wash. A few parents will be needed to oversee the operation and collect money.

Gift Wrapping 

Barnes & Noble

in December. Two parents and two cheerleaders are needed to work two-hour shifts wrapping holiday gifts. Wrapping supplies are provided by Barnes & Noble. 

Pretzel Fundraiser Prizes

Sell 20 boxes and save $100 on the cost of Cheer Camp!

Sell 30 boxes and save $100 on the cost of Cheer Camp PLUS choose one roommate at Camp!

Sell 40 boxes and save $100 on the cost of Cheer Camp, choose one roommate, AND get an extra $100 off the cost of Camp!