Homecoming 2018

* Schedule *

Homecoming week is September 23-29, 2016. The daily schedule is: 

Monday:        Practice

Tuesday:       Practice

Wednesday: Practice and cheer sister gift exchange

Thursday:     Unity cheers at Freshman game

Friday:          Parade, rally, and Unity cheers at JV and Varsity games

* Volunteers Needed *

Lots of parents are needed during Homecoming week. If you are available to help, please contact Sara Porter.

Thursday 9/27

Poster hanging - 4 parents, 2:30pm to 4pm

Friday 9/28

Poster hanging - 4 parents, 10:45am (after Parade)

* Posters *

All posters are due at the beginning of practice on 9/19

You are responsible for ensuring that the players assigned to you have a poster- and that it is done well. If any names or numbers are wrong, you will have to correct it.

The best - and most fun! - way to make your posters is to work in groups. This way you can share ideas and supplies. Poster supplies are easy and inexpensive if you go to the Dollar Tree or WalMart. We are so lucky that RHS colors are all over the place right now! 

Please write the squad name of your player on the BACK OF THE POSTER. (ie. Frosh, JV or Varsity) so we can have them sorted correctly for proper placement at the field. 


Many of the players hang their posters in their rooms and keep them throughout their high school years and beyond. We spoke to several football moms who said that their boys who have graduated still have their posters on display!  


BE CREATIVE!!! The top 3 poster designs will win a $10 gift card! Judging will be done by the Coaches on Homecoming Game day with prizes awarded first practice after.

Poster Ideas

Football posters are a big responsibility. Many players hang these posters on their bedroom wall and save them all through high school.

Check out these posters from last year and view more in the Photo Gallery.

RHS Samples

Pinterest Ideas