STUNT is an emerging sport and is new to Roseville High School. This page has been developed to help answer your questions about the sport and tryouts. 

STUNT The Sport FAQs


What is STUNT?

STUNT is a new competitive team sport that is derived from traditional cheerleading. STUNT removes the crowd-leading and focuses on the technical and athletic components of cheer, which include partner stunts, pyramids, basket tosses, jumps and tumbling skills.

Teams compete in matches that consist of four quarters of play (Partner Stunts, Pyramids & Tosses, Group Jumps & Tumbling, and Team Performance) with a halftime in between the second and third quarters.

STUNT was developed by USA Cheer with collaboration from groups of Title IX experts as well as known coaches and experts in the All-Star and traditional cheerleading community. USA Cheer is the national governing body for sport cheering in the United States.

How is STUNT different from traditional cheer?
In traditional cheerleading, squads are primarily focused on crowd leadership at other sports' athletic contests. When traditional cheerleading teams engage in competition, like our Competition Squad, it is by combining the unique skills of crowd-leading and choreography with the other athletic elements of cheerleading, like stunts, pyramids, jumps, and tumbling.

The rules governing these disciplines take into account that they will be performing during games as well as in competition settings. For example, there are rules for traditional cheerleading that restricts what skills can be performed at basketball games. Being that there are a wide range of traditional cheerleading styles and ability levels, the rules may change from one competition to another.

On the surface Comp and STUNT can seem very similar, but there are two clear distinctions. One – there are no crowd-leading elements in STUNT. And two – Roseville Cheer does none of the choreography for STUNT, but it is a vital component of Comp.

With Comp, we are judged on a number of elements, including how we have incorporated the required cheerleading elements into our routine. In STUNT, the routines are already developed by the governing body, and we perform those routines in a 4-quarter match, head-to-head against another team.

In STUNT, the crowd-leading component is removed and teams are judged exclusively on the technical elements of cheerleading. There is one set of rules and one scoring system that is followed at every game, and teams compete in a head-to-head format.

Who do we compete against?
All teams within our district have STUNT teams as well as surrounding areas such a Rocklin, Lincoln, and El Dorado Hills. 

A majority of our travel for matches will be local. Buses are not provided due to funding. Athletes are responsible for getting themselves to and from matches via parent transportation using RJUHSD’s “Meet Me at the Game” policy.

What is the time commitment like?
Once the team is established, matches will be held 1-2 evenings per week and practices will be 1-2 evenings per week. The final schedule will be released by the league in mid- to late-January. Participants should plan on having STUNT Monday-Friday 3pm-8pm in the back of their minds until the official schedule is released.

IMPORTANT: This does NOT mean you will be scheduled this entire time. This is merely a broad estimate so families can plan accordingly. Most practices will be approximately 2 hours, once or twice a week. Matches are held 1-2 times per week with start times ranging from 3:45-6:30pm.

Games begin the last week of February/first week of March and the season runs through the beginning of May.

Do I have to have cheerleading experience to try out?

No! We encourage all female athletes to tryout! Proper training will be provided by Roseville Cheer coaches. We need multiple positions for jumps, tumbling, stunts and tosses! You may be selected to participate in one event or multiple depending on the talent pool and needs for our team per match.

Who is eligible to tryout?
Any registered female student at Roseville High School. A physical and MD clearance will need to be completed if you do not already have one on file from another RHS sport/activity this year (2016-2017).

You must have and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.

Currently STUNT is a female only sport. Because STUNT has been designed largely to provide a new sport to expand participation opportunities for women and become an NCAA emerging sport, it is currently only open to women.

How do tryouts work?
Several clinic days will be offered on campus prior to tryouts for athletes to learn stunting and jump techniques, practice, ask questions, and learn the material on which they will be evaluated. Athletes will be split into groups to be evaluated on STUNT technique and will be assessed individually on jumps, motions, and tumbling. STUNT groups will be placed by coaching staff prior to tryouts day so the group will have sufficient time to practice with one another.

Outside judges will be brought in to score the athletes. Coaching staff will take notes and have final say on the roster based on attitude and effort displayed at clinics, grades, judge’s scores, attendance, overall talent, and technique. It is important that you are flexible as we only need so many of each position – the more you are willing to do, the better! 

For example: Coach Cunha would not select 15 quarterbacks, 5 centers, and 1 receiver… We need a variety of athletes. 

How many make the team?
We need a minimum of 12 athletes to compete in STUNT. Most teams cap their roster at 30. We do not have a set number but are aiming for 24-30 athletes.

What is the cost?
Approximately $150 which includes uniform and league registration fee.

What does the uniform look like?
STUNT uniforms have more of a volleyball appearance versus traditional cheer. It includes a long sleeve jersey, black shorts, and white non-slip cheer shoes.