What is STUNT?

Basic Explanation of STUNT

STUNT is played by two teams who perform preset routines on the playing field, at the same time as each other. These routines consist of varying skill levels of partner stunts, pyramids, tosses, jumps, and tumbling. 

The goal of each team is to score by executing the routine with fewer errors than their opponent. Routines are selected, performed, and evaluated by officials. Whichever team obtains the most points at the end of the match wins.

Game Format

Regulation STUNT games consist of 4 quarters of play:

1st Quarter: Partner Stunts (4 rounds, 1 pt. each)

2nd Quarter: Pyramids and Tosses (4 rounds, 1 pt. each)

3rd Quarter: Jumps and Tumbling (4 rounds, 1 pt. each)

4th Quarter: Team Routine (3 rounds, 3 pts. each)

Each of the first three quarters will consist of four rounds. Each of these rounds will consist of one of six available routines based on the category of the current quarter. 

The fourth quarter will consist of three rounds. Each of these rounds will consist of one of six available routines which combine the previous three quarters’ routines.

Number of Athletes

At most, there will be 16 athletes on the floor at any one time

In the first quarter, the number of partner stunt groups required for each of the routines are as follows:

Routines 1 and 2 – Two-Three stunt groups (2 Stunt groups will be used if your team is small .. 8-person is 2 groups).

Routines 3 and 4 – Two groups.

Routines 5 and 6 – One group.

In the second quarter, all routines will require the use of either 8 or 16 athletes for pyramids and tosses, depending on the team’s size.

In the third quarter, all routines will require seven athletes for tumbling and jumps.

The fourth quarter routines will be consistent with the individual requirements of each routine in that level.